Common questions asked of Marco:
Q: How do you want your audience to view your work?
A: Each work of art is born from my unique perspective, as is the perspective of anyone who looks at my work. They have a unique perspective, too. There are many ways for viewers to interpret the imagery contained within. I designed each piece of art with a level of complexity that lends to diverse interpretation.
Q: What would you say to a young artist who want to paint for a career.
A: When I decided to pursue an art career I often thought how I would make a living. So did my parents. If four years of college taught me anything, it convinced me that there are great opportunities in art. However, success depends on ones disposition, creative ability and patience. One has to decide which road is best to follow. Certainly some areas of art are more difficult, such as working as an artist exhibitor. As for me, I chose to teach art. It gave me the opportunity to be with students who were interested in art and many of them were very talented, and perused art careers in commercial art, medical art, film, teaching or as independent exhibitors The possibilities are there, you just have to find them. The only advice I can give is….. follow your own star.

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