About Marco

Marco_ArtistAn eclectic and esteemed artist, Marco is a passionate observer of the human experience. With a career that spans virtually his entire life, Marco has created works of art that have inspired and captivated his many students and diverse audiences. Marco’s formal education began at the Massachusetts College of Art, followed by an MFA from Boston University, and a Certificate of Study from the University of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. He worked for many years as a teacher, and as a collector and dealer of antique art. Marco was the Chairman of the Billerica High School Art Department in Massachusetts for 25 years.
Besides his devotion to the arts, Marco is a passionate collector of antiques, antiquities, and historical objects of nature. His involvement with antiques has been of great value in the development of his art work. Marco spends a great deal of time on his work each day – creating, refining, and reflecting. His is fluent in all classic art forms, particularly literature and philosophy.
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